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Frequently Asked Questions

By using LiteSolve on your website, you can help researchers solve computer tasks without relying on expensive hardware or cloud providers. 

With LiteSolve, your website visitors can provide the necessary compute power without the need for additional servers. You can earn LiteSolve credits from the compute power provided by your website visitors which can be echanged for your own compute needs or exchanged for Certified Carbon Credits in your or your company's name. 

No. Litesolve only loads after your website is fully loaded. Page loading speed and interactions within your pages are not affected. 

We provide easy-to-follow instructions for adding the script to your website, regardless of whether you're using website creation tools such as Wordpress and Wix or manually placing the script in your website's HTML.

LiteSolve has multiple layers of security. It utilizes the security features of popular browsers like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Because the code runs in a secure sandboxed mode within the browser, it cannot access your local file system or any resources outside the browser. The browsers also have limitations on memory and short-term storage usage, making LiteSolve ideal for microsecond tasks. Each task is signed, ensuring that only authorized users can access the processed data.

Compute power refers to the ability of a computer or computing system to perform complex calculations, process large amounts of data, and execute tasks quickly and efficiently.   

The higher the compute power, the faster and more efficient a computer can complete a given task or set of tasks. It is an important factor in fields like scientific research, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis, where large amounts of data need to be processed quickly and accurately.  

LiteSolve combines many small amounts of compute power from visitors to a website. Collectively, they can solve complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

LiteSolve supports projects accross healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, AI and others.

For instance, the LiteSolve Healthcare Research pool or a specific company's public pool could be examples of public pools. Your dashboard will display the number of processed tasks for each pool  you've contributed to, along with details on that particular pool.

You can participate in various pools, including the default, public, and private pools. Private pools require an invitation from the owner, while public pools can be found and joined within the LiteSolve dashboard.

Yes, of course. Here is an example but feel free to email us and we will help you out more -

LiteSolve is an innovative solution for powering cloud computing that allows website owners to contribute unused compute power from website traffic to the network. By adding the LiteSolve script to your website, you can help reduce wasted energy in data centers and make a positive impact on the environment.

Furthermore, website owners earn LiteSolve credits for tasks compleated that can be exchanged on the platform. You can easily monitor your website's computing power contribution and earn value from each website visit.

By joining LiteSolve, you can become a part of a new distributed web that is revolutionizing the way we power innovation. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to make a difference.

LiteSolve is a free platform that allows you to earn credits by contributing unused computing power from visitors to your website.

These credits can be used to run your own processes on the network for free if you have a need for computing power. We only charge for usage when you need more computing power than you are generating.

If you are using compute functions like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions or Azure Functions, you can migrate these functions to LiteSolve to lower your compute costs.

LiteSolve focuses solely on the compute aspect of cloud computing. Other services such as storage, databases, and website publishing tools like Wordpress may have their own costs.

LiteSolve doesn't process Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so there is no requirement to ask for consent from users on a LiteSolve enabled website. We are GDPR compliant. 

However, we think that visitors to your website would be interested in knowing that their time on your website is contributing to a good cause. That's why we provide a LiteSolve badge that you can display on your site, so visitors can see the benefits of using your site over others.

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