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About the technology

Contributor security

LiteSolve does not gather any information, other than knowing the capabilities of the contributor's device, keeping it GDPR compliant. 

We have several layers of security starting with our OAuth 2.0 identification management. All data transmitted in the network is tokenised, signed and follows OWASP principles, ensuring integrity. All tasks are run in a sandbox environment in a visitor's browser, isolating it from any system processes and data, protecting both the data transmitted and the visitors' device. 

Contributor security

Contributor power

Visitors to a LiteSolve-enabled website are not impacted by the background tasks executed. The amount of power required is less than a virus scanner running. Website users can not only consume content but be in the knowledge that their time on the website is contributing to environmental projects. The website owner can show visitors a live report of the contributions to environmental projects and solving problems for technologists. 

Contributor power

The technology

LiteSolve has been built using best practices and security. Core to our technology architecture is the privacy of users and contributors. The self-healing network uses the distributed architecture to quickly provision suitable contributor devices and controllers to manage this distribution. Should one device go offline, the network quickly switches to another device. As this takes place instantaneously, the network has no perceivable downtime.  

The technology

Up-time/response times

The self-healing network LiteSolve is built on, automatically recovers from any device failures, meaning your processes will always run. Functions are processed in split-seconds, so responses to calculations are received in near real-time.


Additional Encryption

You may have requirements for additional encryption to our standard distribution security. Tasks can be encrypted with a variety of options so that your data is processed and saved with your needs in mind.


Developer data security

Data you run through the functions remain in your preferred storage location. This can be on cloud storage or even locally or within your private network. Results of the computations are also saved to a location you specify, allowing you to keep any additional processes hooked up to the data. 

Data security

Network security/benefits

Each task is divided into many parts for execution. Even if it were possible to gather all the distributed parts and decrypt them, it would be like trying to piece together a page that had been cut into a thousand equally sized pieces. 

Network security

How to get started


  • Transfer any existing TypeScript or JavaScript functions, create or edit functions.

  • Keep in control of your credit use and continue to compute for free with your own website power.

  • Help us shape the platform so that it can serve you better. Please take 5 minutes to identify the priorities you consider when choosing a compute platform

Website owners

  • Sign up for free, grab your script and place it on your website. 

  • Visitors to your website will be available for LiteSolve functions to earn you credits. 

Who we are

Since 2019, the LiteSolve project has been developed by a team of computer scientists and product developers who have worked in various industries such as banking, education, AI, medical, government, and NGOs.

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